Citta- Counselling

Challenges in life can be difficult to navigate and at times the fast pace of life can seem overwhelming.

Citta is a service to enable you to make the changes in your life. There are many things that life gives us to experience and Citta will help you to explore and support your growth towards a sense of peace and inner strength.

Citta provides a confidential and safe non judgemental space to explore and discover the solutions and strategies that you need.

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I believe and feel that relationship is so important and Citta provides the environment and the secure place to feel safe and to explore and discuss any issues that you bring.

I have worked for over 10 years with supporting people for change and growth by building relationships that provide the climate for change. Some of the areas of work includes working with individuals, groups, young people as well as families and educational establishments.

I am a member of the largest professional platform for Counsellor the BACP.

Citta is based in Uxbridge, West London and offers face to face or phone counselling.

 Phone or Text:  07448431256


“Even the smallest shift in perspective brings about the greatest of healing”

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